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About Us

Both Feet is a collective of people with many decades of experience in arranging travel for people who expect more than just a holiday. 


We are tied together by a common bond of curiosity – a desire to know what is around the next corner, what lies in the next town or what is on the other side of that mountain range. 


We plan trips for people who enjoy the convenience of having their travel plans set up by an experienced team, giving them the confidence to reach further and get the best from their journey.


All worthwhile travel has an element of adventure with the possibility of unexpected events - otherwise why travel?  Experiences happen on a journey, acts of man or nature, creating an extra level of interest, sometimes just a distraction that adds to that sense of adventure.


We have the expertise and the experience to keep things moving and ensure that our customers always enjoy the best immersive adventures possible.

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Our Story

As individuals, our team has been on the road since the 1980s and from personal experience we understand the essential need for thorough research and planning for each destination. We get our satisfaction from introducing people to new places and experiences and sharing our excitement and interests with them.


We are not armchair travellers. We have visited all the places we feature in our programmes and we have reliable contacts with tourism experts in all the places we visit. Many of them have now become old and trusted friends.


We have extensive experience of special-interest travel projects – for both small groups with specific requirements and exceptionally large projects. These include such events as our solar eclipse expeditions, which require arranging dedicated charter flights and extraordinarily complex infrastructure facilities.


You can be confident that we can deal with your travel arrangements so that you can concentrate on having an unforgettable experience.

Meet the Team 

At some point you are likely to have contact with Julie, who is the guiding light of the operation and our Chief Explorer. After learning to read Egyptian Hieroglyphics at University (somebody had to...) Julie lived and worked in various countries and worked for various tourism and events companies, including some time with Brian (our Founder’s) original firm, Explorers Tours.  Julie has boundless passion for her work!


After getting bored with military life (dull), Brian eventually discovered the best way to travel to the places he wanted to go – everywhere – was to start his own travel business. Subsequently, this business became part of the TUI family, leaving Brian to start a new human-scale enterprise with real people, who enjoy real travel.  Brian likes to think laterally and often creates exciting additions to our tour portfolio.


At some point along the way you will need a flight, so you will probably need to speak to flight-guru Caroline. With almost 30 years’ experience in the travel industry, Caroline is an expert in arranging detailed and complex individual and group itineraries. She has a vast geographical knowledge and has travelled extensively throughout the world. Enthusiastic, positive and reliable she is committed to providing outstanding customer service with an attention to detail and a personal touch. She will really enjoy getting to grips with your plans. 


Chief Explorer
Julie Whitehead



Brian McGee


Flight and Travel Guru

Caroline May
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